Upper Right Marketing

Project Description

Client: Upper Right Marketing
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Project Size: 32,230 SF
Completion: Spring 2018
Project Cost: $2.5M

FedEx Freight

Project Description

Client: FedEx Freight
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Expected Completion: Winter 2017
Project Cost: $14M

Double B Distributors


Project Description

Client: Double B Distributors
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Project Size: 7,080 SF
Expected Completion: Summer 2017
Project Cost: $774K



Project Description

Client: Funai Electric Co. Ltd
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Project Size: 69,650 SF
Completed: Winter 2018
Project Cost: $10M

Brett Construction Company built Funai Electric Co. Ltd a new facility. The technology company will be a subsidiary of the multi-billion dollar global electronics company, which is headquartered in Japan and will employ up to 50 people.

American Howa

Midway _001

Project Description

Client: American Howa of Kentucky
Location: Midway, Kentucky
Project Size: 90,000 SF
Year Completed: 2017
Value: $13.1

Brett Construction Company has partnered with American Howa of Kentucky to build a new manufacturing facility in Midway. The new facility is a 90,000 SF manufacturing plant for headliners for the auto industry. American Howa was completed in the spring of 2017.

FedEx Ground – Louisville, KY

9_21_15 FedEx LV 062

Project Description

Client: FedEx Ground
Location: Louisville, KY
Square Feet: 303,369 SF
Year Completed: 2016
Value: $22M

Brett Construction Co. just erected a new state-of-the-art facility that brought hundreds of jobs to Louisville. It’s the first FedEx Ground Distribution facility in Louisville, KY. The facility will serve as a small-package ground delivery unit. It opened with about 300 employees. The center will process more than 15,000 packages an hour. FedEx has opened 11 new hubs and has expanded 500 other facilities around the country since 2005. The company plans to add more positions to its new Louisville facility as demand for the service grows.

Bluegrass Station IV


Project Description

Client: Bluegrass Station
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Project Size: 200,000 SF
Year Completed: March 2016
Project Cost: $22.6M

Brett Construction Company worked with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Military Affairs, Bluegrass Station Division, to develop this 4.59-acre site at the Bluegrass Station military installation in Lexington, Kentucky.

The project includes a new 200,000-SF pre-engineered steel and metal warehouse facility, including administrative offices, warehouse shipping and receiving, transportation, eight standard loading docks, two city delivery docks, and two drive-through doors. 

Magnolia Automotive

10_21_15 Magnolia 048

Project Description

Client: Magnolia Automotive
Location: Charlestown, Indiana
Project Size: 62,000 SF
Year Completed: November 2015
Project Cost: $6.3M

Brett Construction Company worked with the Magnolia Automotive to develop this site in Charlestown, Indiana.

This project was completed in November 2015.

Kinemetrix Agile Automation

Project Description

Client: Kinemetrix Agile Automation
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Year Completed: 2014
Project Cost: $10.1M

Brett Construction Company worked with Kinemetrix Agile Automation to develop this site in Lexington, Kentucky.

The new warehouse facility allows Kinemetrix to expand its operations in the area, offering a 300 percent increase in available machining and assembly floor space, a state of the art lab for advanced applications, including 3D machine vision, a clear-span assembly area with overhead crane, and a five-axis water-jet cutting system.

Bluegrass Station II

Bldg 341 003

Project Description

Client: Bluegrass Station, Buildings 341 & 344
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Project Size: 14 acres, 260,000 SF
Year Completed: 2014
Value: $10.1M

Brett Construction Company worked with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Military Affairs, Bluegrass Station Division, to develop this 14-acre site at the Bluegrass Station military installation in Lexington, Kentucky. Building 341 includes a 240,000-SF, pre-engineered, steel, nonclimate controlled, warehouse facility and related infrastructure, including a over 300,000-SF of storage surrounding the building. Building 341 is utilized for storage, maintenance and routine exercise of motorized vehicles, generators, portable light towers and similar equipment.

Building 344 includes a 20,000-SF, pre-engineered, steel, non-climate controlled, semi-open structure and related infrastructure, including a 80,000-SF reinforced concrete storage area. Building 344 is utilized for loading and unloading of trucks as well as storage of materials and/or vehicles that require protection from outdoor elements.